Hypoallergenic dog food out of insects

Dog food from insects ? Sounds strange right ? But this type of food is nature friendly, healthy and ecological. TV vet Dr. Rory Cowlam thinks so. He said: “As a keen conservationist and dog-lover, I am incredibly excited by the enormous potential for this dog food to reduce our pets’ collective carbon pawprint. Grubs are high in protein, fats, minerals and amino acids. Also claims “they’re even easier to digest than chicken, so they’re perfect for pets with sensitive stomachs”. “Animals and humans have been eating insects since the dawn of time and we believe Eat-Small is the future of pet food”.

Pets, however, are another matter. According to some estimates, pets consume as much as 20% of a country’s meat intake-making them a significant point of leverage for cutting back on industrial, factory-farmed meat. But how viable (or ethical) is to turn your dog into a vegetarian? Grubs might be the answer. Specifically, they use a flour made from Hermetia Illucens larvae which are raised on a vegetarian diet of food waste. This flour is then blended with vegetables like potatoes and beets, and grains such as oats (selected for their lower carbon footprint, as well as their nutritional qualities).

Eat Small is energy, strength and endurance for dogs through natural food & cold pressed trainings treats. Quality hypoallergenic and yummy gluten and grain free ingredients also suitable for food sensitive dogs. Sustainable proteins together with high levels of essential vitamins, minerals & omega fatty acids, to reduce the carbon footprint of our four-legged friend.

Hermetia illucens, an exceptional source of revolutionary proteins for pets, with a minimal ecological footprint. Our tasty dog food and treats are made from the flour of the Hermetia illucens (Black Soldier Fly) specie raised in Germany. Like fish, poultry, pork or beef, Hermetia’s nymphs are a delicious source of protein and nutrients. We chose Hermetia illucens for its rapid reproduction and growth cycle, as well as its minimal need for water, food and space. Our Hermetia illucens nymphs come from certified farms that meet all. European standards of production and hygiene for food of animal origin. They are 100% free of GMOs, hormones and antibiotics.

8 vitamins essential for DNA synthesis, hormones regulation, neurotransmission and the health of fur. Hermetia is an excellent source for the 8 vitamins found in the B complex. This includes the B12 vitamin, which is otherwise only found in fish, meat, milk and eggs. See more info on Insect dog food.

Cats and dogs are CARNIVOROUS, which means that they need animal proteins to stay healthy and active. INSECT PROTEINS from Hermetia contain all essential amino acids that carnivores like dogs need. Cats have slightly different physiologic needs and we are preparing for them something very special with another insect protein type. Although small, many edible insects surpass the nutritional qualities of meat. Their high protein content makes them particularly interesting for active dogs.

Where does insect protein come from? Our insect protein comes from the larvae of the Hermetia illucens specie (Black soldier fly). They grow up in insect farms just like other consumption animals (except that they need a tiny fraction of the water, food and space used by any other livestock, and virtually emit no greenhouse gases compare to them).
Each of those little guys is like a downsized transformation factory: their body can turn any average plant-based food into a high-quality concentrate of protein, vitamins and minerals. After only 2 weeks, eggs have become ready-to-be- transformed larvae with very high nutritional properties (similar or higher from those from meat). Like any other meat, Hermetia illucens’ larvae are used in delicious pet foods and treats.

Can my dog be allergic to insect? If your dog have a known allergy against crustaceans like shrimps or lobsters (very unlikely) or to fleas or body/ear mites, he can also be allergic to the insect in its food. In these allergies, the allergen is most likely the chitin, an insoluble fiber found within the shell of crustaceans, but also in the exosqueleton of insects or body mites. Cross-reactions between these different allergies don’t occur systematically but it is important to be aware of it. Another possibility would be that, just like for meat, the immune system of a very sensitive dog eventually sensibilizes to insect protein.

For german readers : Eat Small ist die neue Generation von Trockenfutter und kaltgepressten Snacks fur Hunde aus Insektenprotein. Kostlich, nahrhaft, nachhaltig, ethisch. Hunde lieben einfach unser Haustierfutter aus Insektenprotein. Sie finden den wilden Geruch und den Geschmack unwiderstehlich. Lassen Sie Ihren Hund es ausprobieren, denn es ist eines der bestgehuteten Geheimnisse der Natur. Fleischproteine sind zu 80% an dem Auftreten von Lebensmittelallergien bei Hunden beteiligt. Insektenprotein ist eine perfekte Alternative, die hilft, die allergische Reaktion des Korpers zu stoppen. Insekten fordern eine ethische Landwirtschaft, die die Tierwelt respektiert. Sie bieten eine Alternative zur intensiven Tierhaltung als schmackhafte Quelle fur hochwertige tierische Proteine an.

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