Reproduction of zebrafish

Like many other cyprinids, danio rerio does not show too much parental care, spawning often and in a large aquarium, it will be difficult to establish adequate control.

We may be surprised from time to time, to find a small group of fry swimming, without having had time to react. If we want to have a number of small zebrafish, we must prepare a breeding aquarium.

We will proceed as follows: The breeding aquarium should be weakly illuminated.

At the base, we will put a mesh, marbles or some type of carpet, so that the eggs when they are deposited, are out of reach of adults.

It is convenient to pass the water from a slightly acid pH, to neutral. With a temperature close to 25ºC.

We must take a couple of fish to the breeding tank, when we are sure that the females of the zebrafish are pregnant and full of eggs.

To force the spawn, you must add small amounts of cold water, every few hours.

We must also add small amounts of live and frozen foods.

When we have evidence that eggs have been laid, in a few hours we must remove the adults, as they will eat the eggs they find.

Once the female has spawned, the small fry should appear between 24 and 36 hours later.

The fry eat very small food, we can find dry food suitable for fry already prepared. Once they start to grow, we can add artemia larvae.

The zebrafish is very popular, since it is peaceful, resistant and also cheap. The price of the zebrafish has fallen a lot, thanks to the fact that they are raised in large quantities in a simple way.

This also has its problems, since inbreeding is present in this type of fish, we can find that some specimens develop morphological deformations.

Another big problem of danio rerio is in one of the most common diseases, Neon Tetra Disease (Tetra neon disease) that is caused by a parasite.

It can be recognized by the appearance of white spots on the skin, and the attacked fish is separated from the group.

This disease has no cure. The best thing is to eliminate any fish that shows symptoms. For Zebrafish services please check IkanBiotech.