Mango Shopping Reviews : London Store

I’ve bought tops and bottoms from Mango. It has a simple flair to its pieces. It’s easily matched with my wardrobe. Although slightly more pricey than average it has a certain dressy feel to it. Really like the designs. I’d definitely check it out more

Mango is very very pricey so I only really visit in the sales however when I find something it’s normally a really good price ! There’s not always clothes aimed at younger people however I think a good search around and anyone could find anything! One of my favourite tops from mango I am wearing in this picture…

I really like this store – they have a lot of cute dresses and professional clothing. Some pieces are expensive, but others are really affordable. All of the clothing I have bought from Mango has held up really well!

I shop my clothes mostly at and Well it depends on what kind of look that I‘m going for. I shop only on sale items. I never bought something at Mango on full price. It is because the different is way too big to be compared. Just be sure to buy something that you really gonna wear.

I love Mango clothes, you can find some nice gems browsing through their collection. One of my favorite.